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H. Brandl:
"The Civil and Geotechnical Engineer in Society - ethical and philosohical thought; challenges and recommendations";
in: "John Mitchell Memorial Address", herausgegeben von: Deep Foundations Institute; Deep Foundations Institute, Vancouver, 2004, (eingeladen), ISBN: 0-9763229-0-0, S. 1 - 23.

Kurzfassung englisch:
DFI considers not only the technical aspects of civil and geotechnical engineering but also ethical and philosophical
aspects. Professor Brandlís John Mitchell Memorial Address at the 7th DFI Conference in Vienna, 1998
conveyed a message to prepare 21st -Century engineers with the means to take up new challenges and to
inspire young people with words to begin their careers by. Professor Brandlís updated and substantialy extended
version of his 1998 John Mitchell Lecture is what follows.
John Mitchell, who died in a tragic site accident in 1990 while undertaking research on pile construction, was
particularly aware of the need to inspire young people. Therefore, this contribution is dedicated to the public
image of the civil engineer and geotechnical engineer, respectively, seen from an ethical and philosophical point
of view. Discrepancies between professional opinions, the gap between theory and practice, and the lifelong
learning society are discussed on the basis of the author's more than forty years of comprehensive professional
experience. Furthermore, the environmental challenge to civil/geotechnical engineering due to climate
change is emphasized. Finally, the younger engineering generation's prospects in the future are addressed and
recommendations are given.

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