Books and Book Editorships:

F. Ziegler, R. Heuer, C. Adam (ed.):
"Proceedings of The Sixth International Congress on Thermal Stresses";
Schriftenreihe der TU-Wien, Wien, 2005, 3-901167-12; 802 pages.

English abstract:
The Sixth International Congress on Thermal Stresses took place at the Vienna University of Technology, which is located in the center of Vienna, the capital of Austria. The conference aimed at fostering scientific interactions among the vast community of researchers contributing to the interacting fields of solid mechanics and thermodynamics. Cross-fertilization between the different scientific disciplines and strong interactions with professional engineers were encouraged ranking the session on Industrial Applications first with the respect to the number of contributions. Tribute is paid to the internationally recognized fathers of theoretical and applied thermal stresses, Ernst Melan (C.E.) and Heinz Parkus (M.E.), late Professors of the Vienna University of Technology in a memorial session. Following their lines, temperature effects in continua, structures and material processing are modeled and with today´s high computing power simulated.

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