Diploma and Master Theses (authored and supervised):

Ch. Brandstätter:
"Experimentelle Untersuchung der mechanischen Eigenschaften des Bodenmörtels, der beim Düsenstrahlverfahren entsteht [Experimental investigation of the mechanical properties of jet grouted soil mass]";
Supervisor: H.A. Mang, R. Lackner, D. Adam; Institut für Festigkeitslehre, 2001.

English abstract:
This work is concerned with the experimental investigation of jet grouted soil mass, referred to as soilcrete. For this purpose, uniaxial compression tests are performed. The specimens for these tests are either obtained on site by means of core drilling or made in the laboratory. For the latter, the amount of cement grout is varied.

On the basis of the test results, material functions relating the uniaxial compressive strength and Young's modulus to the degree of hydration are determined.

Further, a material model accounting for the thermoactivated hydration process is described. The combination of this model with {\em in--situ} temperature measurements allows the determination of the amount cement grout and the radius of the soilcrete column. An additional result of the performed thermochemical analysis is the evolution of the degree of hydration. Combination of the degree of hydration with the earlier mentioned material functions gives insights into the mechanical properties of the soilcrete column.

Keywords: chemothermal coupling, in situ, jet grouting, soilcrete, temperature measurement

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