Contributions to Proceedings:

P. Rosko, E. Vojtekova:
"Glazed Roof Structures";
in: "Proceedings of 3rd International Scientific Conference on Progressive Construction", issued by: STU Bratislava; 3rd International Scientific Conference on Progressive Construction, Kocovce, 2005, (invited), ISBN: 80-227-2215-4, 127 - 135.

English abstract:
The static ideas behind the realized modern glass roof structures in Germany and Austria are analyzed. The creativity of structural designers applies basic static principles to show the beauty of rationality and simplicity. High quality materials are used - glass in combination with metal elements. The computer supported numerical simulation methods based on finite element method support the reliable design of structural details. The result of clever ideas and modern technology are lightweight structures of bold forms and spans. The new technology enables the bearing function of glass in the roof structures.

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