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I. Paulmichl, F. Kopf, C. Adam:
"Numerical simulation of the Dynamic Load Plate Test with the Light Falling Weight Device by means of the Boundary Element Method";
Vortrag: 6th International Conference on Structural Dynamics (EURODYN 2005), Paris; 04.09.2005 - 07.09.2005; in: "Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Structural Dynamics", Millpress, Rotterdam, (2005), ISBN: 9059660331; S. 1285 - 1290.

Kurzfassung englisch:
In the present paper the Dynamic Load Plate Test with the Light Falling Weight Device (LFWD) is evaluated by means of extensive numerical studies. The LFWD is applied to prove the compaction degree of soil layers. For the presented investigation the compacted soil medium is modeled as a horizontal semi-infinite layer with constant thickness and an underlying halfspace. The applied computational procedure is based on partitioning the coupled device-subsoil system in two substructures. One substructure contains the falling weight and the spring-damper element, and its equation of motion is specified in the time domain. The second substructure includes the load plate and the elastic soil medium, and the corresponding computational model is formulated in the frequency domain utilizing the Boundary Element Method. The results of the presented study cover a wide range of soil characteristics considering various material properties and layer thicknesses.

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