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D. Adam, I. Paulmichl, F. Kopf:
"Quality control for land reclamation";
Vortrag: X Baltic Geotechnics 2005, Riga; 12.10.2005 - 14.10.2005; in: "Proceedings of the X Baltic Geotechnics 2005", (2005), S. 1 - 10.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Quality compaction control for land reclamation is usually performed with conventional tests like load plate tests, heavy dynamic probing, pressuremeter tests, etc. These methods can be carried out not before completion of the compaction works. Moreover, they provide spot testing only. Innovative dynamic compaction techniques for both near-surface and deep improvement of the soil enable integrated continuous compaction control. During dynamic roller compaction the interacting motion behavior between ground and drum is measured and used for on-line roller-integrated compaction control and optimization. For deep vibro-compaction techniques on-line control systems are available measuring the maximum power consumption of the vibrator and its time history during the compaction process. Heavy tamping is a deep dynamic compaction technique and has been increasingly used for land reclamation. The paper reports on investigations referring to the decay of free soil vibrations caused by the falling weight after each impact. This behavior is significant for the respective soil - falling mass interaction and enables a site-specific optimization and quality control.

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