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H. Brandl, S. Blovsky:
"Slope stabilization with socket walls using the observational method";
in: "Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering", Millpress, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2005, (eingeladen), ISBN: 9059660277, S. 2485 - 2488.

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Numerous highways and railways in the Austrian Alps have been constructed on the basis of the observational method along unstable slopes, which originally had been considered unsuitable for such alignments. The paper reports on a highway embankment along a creeping slope. In the year 2000 long-term monitoring showed cracks in the carriage way and slip zones in about 30 and 40 m depth. Parametric studies lead to the design of a socket wall for dowelling the slip zones as a first step of rehabilitation. The sockets required the sequential excavation of 55 m deep shafts (with shotcrete support and nailing) subsequently filled with reinforced concrete. The contingency plan for possible long-term strengthening comprises prestressed anchors on the top of the sockets. For the optimisation of detailed design and construction, for risk assessment and long-term monitoring several measuring systems were installed.

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