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R. Blab, M. Wistuba:
"Fundamental Requirements for Bituminous Mixtures in the Framework of the new European Standards";
Vortrag: Tagungsband, Kranjska Gora (eingeladen); 01.12.2005 - 02.12.2005; in: "10th Colloquium on Asphalt and Bitumen", (2005), ISBN: 961-90448-5-1; S. 92 - 101.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The ultimate aim of ongoing research activities on bituminous mixtures is to specify asphalt in terms of fundamental, performance based properties. The scientific objectives and activities of the Christian Doppler (CD) Laboratory at the institute of road construction and maintenance at the Vienna University of Technology therefore focus on the development and standardisation of such performance-based test methods for bituminous materials on the basis of effective mechanical characteristics. However, due to the differences in knowledge and experience in Europe it is not possible to choose only this fundamental approach within the framework of the new European Standards for testing of bituminous mixes.
Therefore the new standards provide two different ways of specifying asphalt concrete: The first empirical approach specifies asphalt in terms of compositional recipes and requirements for constituent materials with additional requirements on performance related tests. The second fundamental approach specifies asphalt in terms of performance based requirements, offering a greater degree of freedom for its composition.
The paper gives an overview to these two new approaches within the new European standards, explains the different test types and procedures and the experience recently made at the CD-laboratory by applying the fundamental test methods for type testing of bituminous mixtures for actual road projects.

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