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D. Balla, T. Kalettka, O. Gabriel:
"Estimating phosphorus fluxes in wetland groundwater-surface water environments with respect to eutrophication";
Talk: HydroEco 2006: International Conference on Hydrology and Ecology, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic; 2006-09-11 - 2006-09-14; in: "Proceedings", Ceská asociace hydrogeologu (CAH), (2006), 133 - 135.

English abstract:
In a watertable-controlled iron-rich peat site located in the German Spreewald wetland region, the phosphorus (P) dynamics were investigated, the P buffer mechanisms were analysed, and the P retention was balanced. The topographic, hydrological and geohydraulic conditions cause alternating regimes with infiltration, exfiltration, and inundation of the peat soils. The most dominant process in P-release and storage was found as an advective P-flux, estimated as -100 mg P m-2 d-1 (release) in case of exfiltration into the canal and 80 mg P m-2d-1 (storage) in case of infiltration into the groundwater zone. Considering precipitation with iron and sedimentation the total P release during exfiltration decreases to -3.14 mg m-2d-1. During infiltration total P storage amounts 30 mg m-2d-1. In all cases oxygenated surface water buffers the P-release.

wetlands; infiltration, exfiltration, inundation, P fluxes; field investigations; modelling

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