R. Blab, K. Kappl, E. Aigner, R. Lackner:
"A Finite Element Approach to Predict Permanent Deformation Behavior in Hot Mix Asphalt based on Fundamental Material Tests and Advanced Rheological Models";
Strain (eingeladen), 1 (2009), 45; S. 3 - 16.

Kurzfassung englisch:
An ongoing research project, undertaken at the Christian Doppler Laboratory for `performance-based optimisation of flexible road pavements´, focuses on the evaluation of advanced rheological models (i.e. Power Law, Huet and Huet-Sayegh) to describe permanent deformation behaviour of hot mix asphalt (HMA) and their implementation in a finite-element (FE) code. To accomplish this, an appropriate algorithm was developed for the summation of the different contributions of the stress history to determine the resulting creep strain tensor to simulate real-life stress/strain situations in flexible road pavements. Furthermore, the mathematical background for parameter identification from dynamic stiffness tests (four-point bending beam and dynamic tension compression tests) has been developed and a straightforward programme for data fitting is presented.
For the validation of the implemented constitutive equations derived for the selected rheological models, a FE simulation of triaxial tests on cylindrical HMA specimens was carried out.

advanced non-linear viscoelastic rheological models, finite-element-modelling

Zugeordnete Projekte:
Projektleitung Josef Eberhardsteiner:
CD-Labor für gebrauchsverhaltensorientierte Optimierung flexibler Straßenbefestigungen

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