J. Madu, W. Feilmayr, S. Madu:
"Factors Affecting Tourist Satisfaction in Lagos State, Nigeria";
IFE Psychologia, 10/2 (2002), S. 238 - 257.

Kurzfassung englisch:
This paper tries to discover factors that are responsible for the poor development of recreational tourism in Lagos State of Nigeria, so as to be able to suggest improvement measures. The results show that the overall satisfaction of the business tourists is generally similar to that of the recreational group, and that Lagos State generally satisfied 50.8 % of the tourists. Factor analysis reveals that three factors form the basic destination attributes in this area. These are: 1. cost of living; 2. hospitality, maintenance and transportation problems, and 3. personal safety.The authors suggest a control and standardisation of the cost of living, a maximisation of the potentials of hospitality and maintenance, minimisation of transportation problems, measures to improve personal safety, as well as intensified tourism awareness in this state

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