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A. Mahdavi, Zh. Mo:
"A Multi-Agent Collaboration Model for Intelligent Building Operations";
Talk: The 2nd International Conferece on Information System and Engineering (ISE 2002), San Diego, California; 2002-06-14 - 2002-06-18; in: "In conjunction with the 2002 Sommer Copmuter Simulation Conference", (2002), 58 - 63.

English abstract:
One Primary goal of intelligent building operations is to maximize occupant confort and minimize operating costs. Most intelligent buildings are operated under a central control scheme, in which building operators oversee building operations to follow operational standards. Studies have shown that even though current operational standards are met, occupants can be dissatisfied. One major reason is that these standards are typically based on general requirements and cannot reflect individual differences. To address individual needs, personal environmental control devices have recently been introduced to increase individual comfort and productivity. This shows a trend toward a distributed control scheme. While there is a growing interest in distributed control, some potential conflicts in commercial buildings under the distributed control scheme have not been fully addressed: 1) occupants and building operators may have conflicting control objectives and 2)occupants themselves may conted for limited resources or make control decisions against one another. The paper present an agent-based model that coordinates the control efforts among occupants and building operators in a scenario for commercial office building.

Electronic version of the publication:
http://www.bpi.tuwien.ac.at/publications/2002-2003/abstract_a multi-agent collaboration model for intelligent building operations.pdf

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