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G. Suter, A. Mahdavi, R Krishnamurti:
"Elements of a hierarchical representation for architectural design and decision support";
Talk: Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies, Wien; 2002-04-02 - 2002-04-05; in: "European Meeting on Cybernetics and Systems Research", (2002), 263 - 268.

English abstract:
In computer-aided architectural design, one ipmortant research objective has been the development of rich representatins for applications that would support the early phases of building design. Efforts to address this problem have proven difficult. For one, designers tend to frequently and at times drastically adjust their designs, particularly at the beginning of the design process. In this paper, we review selected features of a representation which was developed for the building performance domain and caters to certain requirements of early design such as rapid manipulation of building models and automatic maintenance of geometric integrity. We discuss in more detail a recently added concept called procedural grouping. It takes advantage of the hierarchical structure of the original representation and enhances the ease of manipulation of building models. Examples from a system prototype illustrate how designers might benefit from such procedural grouping mechanisms.

Electronic version of the publication:
http://www.bpi.tuwien.ac.at/publications/2002-2003/abstract_elements of a hierachical representation for archite.pdf

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