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B. Martens, M. Uhl, W.M. Tschuppik, A. Voigt:
"Synagogue Neudeggergasse: A Virtual Reconstruction in Vienna";
in: "Construindo (n)o Espaco Digital. Anais do IV Seminário Ibero-Americano de Gráfica Digital - SIGraDi'2000", J. Ripper Kós, A. Pessoa Borde, D. Rodriguez Barros (Hrg.); SIGraDi, Rio de Janeiro, 2000, ISBN: 85-88027-02-x, S. 165 - 170.

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Issues associated with virtual reconstruction are first dealt within this paper. Visualizing of no longer existent (architectural) objects and their surroundings practically amounts to a "virtual comeback". Furthermore, special attention is given to the description of the working procedure for a case study of reconstruction sounding out the potentials of Quicktime VR. The paper ends up with a set of conclusions taking a close look at the ìprosî and ìconsî of this type of re-construction.

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