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B. Martens, A. Voigt:
"Implementation of ATM-based Collaborative Design";
Vortrag: CAADRIA-conference (CAAD-Research in Asia), Shanghai; 05.05.1999 - 07.05.1999; in: "Proceedings of the Fourth Conference on Computer Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia [CAADRIA-Proceedings, Shanghai]", CAADRIA-Association, Singapore (1999), ISBN: 7-5439-1233-3; S. 201 - 214.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The following contribution describes research work in progress within the context of the focal field of research and development "Remote Teamwork (RT)" at Vienna University of Technology. Current research work is aiming at the elaboration of suited collaborative remote-working structures for research and project transactions (incl. study projects) - within the context of spatial planning - on the basis of Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM, a technology of broad band telecommunications). The generation and manipulation of digital spatial models and their virtual transportation within large distances represent main objectives. The current subjects in architecture, urban and regional planning (e.g. master planning, building-up planning, urban design, interior design) act as test projects to be defined in the course of the research work in their contents and spatial context and to be represented as digital spatial working models. Special attention is given to consolidation, harmonizing and advancement of current single activities in the field of ATM (e.g. facilitation of the access to technology, definition of project partners at the global level, development of originary, planning- and design-relevant software on the basis of native-ATM).

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