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B. Martens (ed.):
"Full-scale Modeling and the Simulation of Light ";
ÖKK-Verlag, Wien, 1999, ISBN: 3-85437-167-5; 100 pages.

English abstract:
EFA ` 99 covered the use of light throughout 1:1 simulation. As a rule the field of light design has a closer relation with simulation in true scale. Therefore, it is surprising that a conference dealing with this field did not take place at an earlier stage which might be due to the differing approaches concerning implementation and working focus at the various laboratories. The remarkable achievements of the individual lighting companies on the market regarding research work seem very promising and necessarily are to be duly acknowledged also on the part of academic circles. Furthermore, a productive exchange of information might develop between the, somewhat incompatibly seeming, interest groups. More interaction would surely prove wise, as the stage for successful research work in the field of light design and light impact is only to be set by combining all strengths.

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