Publications in Scientific Journals:

B. Martens:
"The Creation of a Cumulative Index on CAD: CUMINCAD"";
ACADIA Quarterly, 19 (2000), 3; 18 - 19.

English abstract:
To researchers in many disciplines, Internet is quickly becoming
the dominating environment to search for publications.
Commercial bibliographic databases tend to be too general,
are not up-to-date and require special skills and efforts
to be searched. On the other hand research is also published
on the Web that also enables collaborative creation of
references by the specialists in the field. CUMINCAD is such
a bibliographic database and compiles papers related to Computer
Aided (Architectural) Design. The database is available
on the Web and allows searching and browsing in the
ways usual on the Web. It provides a "historical evolution"
to learn from previous efforts and draws attention to older
original works that could have been ignored because they
could not be found on the Web. We believe that
CUMINCAD will help focus future CAAD research and
improve the education.

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