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B. Martens, A. Voigt:
"Virtual and Full-Scale Modeling: A Collection of Resources";
Vortrag: CAADRIA-conference (CAAD-Research in Asia), Sydney; 19.04.2001 - 21.04.2001; in: "Proceedings of the Sixth Conference on Computer Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia [CAADRIA-Proceedings, Sydney]", University of Sydney, Sydney (2001), ISBN: 1-86487-096-6; S. 201 - 204.

Kurzfassung englisch:
In this paper the relationship between Virtual and Full-scale Modeling will be traced back. A number of publications supports the dissemination of existing knowledge resp. experiences. Although a se-ries of biannual EFA-Conferences (European Full-scale Modeling As-sociation) produced a remarkable number of useful papers, the "scientific output" beyond this platform remained to be so far in the dust of gray literature. On the other hand the rapid growing interest for computer applications and tools rediscovered the working area of 1:1 simulation more or less the other way around. Although the term VR in the nineties was strongly occupied by computer-interfaces resp. -representations, soon the insight gained in importance that reality is by far more complex than some 10.000 polygons. Furthermore, some kind of unproductive competition resp. defense of good old modeling tra-ditions versus promising computer technology seemed to act as the main activity. However, the fusion of Virtual and Full-Scale Modeling could indefinitely serve as a promising field of research.

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