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E. Mark, B. Martens, R. Oxman:
"Preliminary Stages of CAAD Education";
Automation in Construction (invited), 12 (2003), 6; 661 - 670.

English abstract:
According to the Education and Research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe's (eCAADe) mission, exchange and collaboration within the area of CAAD education and research, respecting the pedagogical and administrative approaches in the different schools and countries, can be regarded as a core activity. The following paper reports on some of the pedagogical issues that have been derived from a preliminary review and roundtable participants' experiences with CAAD curricula. This review reflects discussions that were held at the eCAADe 2002 conference in Warsaw (Poland) and also follows up on two earlier discussions held at eCAADe 2001 and eCAADe 2000.

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