Contributions to Proceedings:

G. Suter, A. Mahdavi, R. Ries:
"Outline of a system for sensor-driven, high-resolution building models";
in: "Information Technology in Construction", issued by: The 20th CIB W78 Conference on Information Technology in Construction; Eigenverlag, 2003, 1 - 9.

English abstract:
The continuous monitoring and evaluation of the performance of buildings and products, in particular
during construction, operation, and de-commissioning phases is not well established and currently
limited to a few safety- and mission-critical systems. We introduce sensor-driven, high-resolution
building models (SDBM) that could provide more comprehensive and detailed information on the
structure and state of a facility over space and time from pre-construction to demolition. Enabled by
sensor technologies that permit the location and identification of building components in 3D space,
SDBM would be capable to detect certain changes occurring in a building and automatically construct
and update a detailed, structured building model. Such a model could provide services to applications
in domains such as building automation and facility management. We outline a general system
architecture for SDBM. Furthermore, we describe the features of a system for the simulation-assisted
lighting control domain that will serve as a testbed for SDBM.

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