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B. Martens, W. Jabi:
"Digital Media Libraries: Beyond Online Publication of Information";
Electronic Journal of Information Technology in Construction (invited), 9 (2004), 97 - 99.

English abstract:
In this Special Issue of ITCon on Digital Media Libraries the reader will find research papers that attempt to
address the above issues. Some of the common themes that emerged from these papers are the following. First,
the world-wide web has become the de-facto standard platform for online publication. Stand-alone solutions that
require the user to download specific software are quickly giving way to web-based interfaces that require
nothing more than a modern web browser with a few standard plug-ins. Second, information is no longer limited
to text. Databases and web interfaces are capable of searching, retrieving, displaying and reasoning about
multimedia artifacts such as images, video, sound clips, and 3D models. Third, to ensure the security and
relevance of data, systems must have knowledge about their users. Thus, systems are checking the users’
credentials and assigning roles and access privileges such that they offer only relevant and permissible
information. Fourth, the world-wide web offers the ability to support collaborative activity. Thus, more recent
systems are group-aware such that they enable multiple users to synchronously and asynchronously share and act
on information to accomplish a common task. Finally, reasoning about information requires the encoding of
more information - meta-information. Metadata has become a crucial research topic for researchers wishing not
only to share information in an organized manner, but to also allow systems and users to reason about the
information they have.

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