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A. Voigt, B. Martens, H. Linzer:
"City Simulator. A Multi-dimensional VR-Simulation Environment";
Vortrag: eCAADe Conference (Education in CAAD in Europe), Copenhagen; 15.09.2004 - 18.09.2004; in: "Architecture in the Network Society", eCAADe, Brüssel (2004), ISBN: 0-9541183-2-4; S. 586 - 592.

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Whether in splendid rural isolation or in an urban area, settlement and building structures always are exposed to the public. Questions as to the future design of our vital space basically always concern the public and thus call for a great deal of discussion. Launching a well-balanced debate between all those involved in the planning and design process requires clear exemplification of urban-spatial visions by means of simulation. A simulation device - called "City Simulator" - suited to conveying the multitude of spatial relations within the urban configuration and for developing urban-spatial ideas would fulfil such expectations. The complexity of the information required in this context can be coped with effectively by means of computer-aided simulation techniques focusing on digital city models. Thus the implementation of a "City Simulator" may be regarded as a decisive tool for the purpose. As those involved in the process normally consider themselves absolute novices within the context of complex planning processes, the simulator will to some extent act as a "translation machine". This paper is based on a project proposal which has been submitted by the authors aimed at the acquisition of a "City Simulator" at Vienna University of Technology in the near future

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