Publications in Scientific Journals:

A. Mahdavi, R. Ries, D. Cho:
"Infiltration, Natural Ventilation, and HVAC Performance in the Intelligent Workplace.";
ASHRAE, 106 (2000), 728 - 736.

English abstract:
This paper provides same preliminary results toward establishing the initial infiltration and ventilation performance signature for the Intelligent Workplace (IW), a research laboratory on a university campus. The preliminary empirical studies of the Intelligent Workplace involve continuos and/or periodic monitoring of a set of building performance indicators that, in toto, establish the initial building performance signature of the facility. In this paper we specifically report on systematic measurements of (a) building infiltration and natural ventilation, including both window and stack ventilation, and (b) HVAC systems performance, particularly user-based task-conditioning systems.

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