Contributions to Proceedings:

R. Ries, A. Mahdavi:
"Environmental Life Cycle Assesment in an Integrated CAD Environment: The Ecologue Approach";
in: "Proceedings of the CAAD Futures Conference 99", Proceedings of the CAAD Futures Conference 99. Georgia Atlanta, USA, 1999, 351 - 363.

English abstract:
Construction and operation of buildings is a major cause of resource deletion and environmental pollution. Computational performance evaluation tools could support the decision making process in environmentally responsive building design and play an important role in environmental impact assessment, especially when a life cycle assessment (LCA) approach is used. The building domain, however, presents notable challenges to application of LCA methods. For comprehensive environmental impact analysis to be realized in a computational support tool for the building design domain, such tools must a) have an analysis method that considers the life cycle of building construction, operation, and decommissioning, b) have a representation that is able to accommodate the data and coputability requirements of the analysis method and analysis tool, and c) be seamlessly integrated within a multi-aspect design analysis environment that can provide data on environmentally relevant building operations criteria.

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