Contributions to Proceedings:

G. Suter, A. Mahdavi, R. Kirshnamurti:
"A performance-inspired Buildings Representation for Computational Design";
in: "Proceedings of the CAAD Futures Conference 99", Proceedings of the CAAD Futures Conference 99. Georgia Atlanta, USA, 1999, 117 - 132.

English abstract:
A building representation for integrated building performance simulation is described, which addresses several important issues. First, it captures informational requirements for detailed performance analysis and maintains geometric integrity. Second, it provides computational support for efficient spatial queries and convenient building model manipulation. Representational elements include partitioning and refinement rules, containment hirachies and dimension constraints. These features provide for ease of manipulation, geometric variety and spatial queries and are illustrated with examples. the paper concludes with a discussion of the limitations of the representation.

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