Contributions to Proceedings:

N. Wong, A. Mahdavi:
"Computational airflow modeling for integrative building design";
in: "Proceedings of Building Simulation 99", Proceedings of Building Simulation 99, Sixth international IBPSA Conference. Kyoto, Japan, Vol III, 1999, ISBN: 4-931416-03-9, 1181 - 1188.

English abstract:
The use of air flow modeling tools for building design is still limited due to lack of explicit standards governing infiltration and ventilation rates in buildings. There is also inconsistency and discrepancy in the use of such modeling tools throughout the entire design process. Lack of integration of the tools with architectural design environments as well as with other performance simulation tools further hamper their use. This article discusses the development of a computational air flow model (BACH) which could be used consistently throughout the entire design process and its integration within a computational design environment (SEMPER).

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