Publications in Scientific Journals:

A. Mahdavi, P. Mathew, S. Kumar, V. Hartkopf, V. Loftness:
"Effects of Lighting, Zoning, and Control Strategies on Energy Use in Commercial Buildings";
Journal of the Illuminating Engineering Society, 24 (1995), 1; 25 - 35.

English abstract:
This paper deals with the impact of lighting, zoning, and control strategies on the total energy consumption of commercial buildings. Various strategies for lighting load reduction are considered. Comprehensive simulations are carried out using an advanced public domain building energy simulation tool. Parametric studies are performed for different climatic regions, building shapes and orientations, enclosure options (including different glazing and shading configurations), and different zoning resolutions. The results (annual system energy use) are analyzed to derive conclusions regarding the theoretical potential for, and magnitude of building energy savings through design and implementation of more energy-effective lighting systems, and more advanced zoning and control strategies.

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