Contributions to Proceedings:

V. Pal, A. Mahdavi:
"A comprehensive approach to modeling and evaluating the visual environment in buildings";
in: "Proceedings of Building Simulation 99", Proceedings of Building Simulation 99, Sixth international IBPSA Conference. Kyoto, Japan, Vol III, 1999, ISBN: 4-931416-02-0, 579 - 586.

English abstract:
This paper describes the development, implementation, and evaluation of a computational tool for the comprehensive support of the lightning design process. The factors which are determined to be critical for this purpose, and which this study attempts to adress, include a) consistent, coherent and first principles based underlying algorithms, b) the detailed modeling of the contextual parameters such as the sky and site conditions, c) provision of evaluation support for interpreting the computed data, d) the provision of active design support to explore the relationships between the design variables and the performance indices, and e) integration with other building performance simulation tools to encourage the exploration of inter-relationships between the energy aspects of lightning, thermal comfort, HVAC systems, and passive heating and cooling.

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