Publications in Scientific Journals:

K. P. Lam, A. Mahdavi, M. Ullah, E. Ng., V. Pal:
"Evaluation of six sky luminance models using measured data from Singapore";
Lightning Res.Technol., 31 (1999), 1; 13 - 17.

English abstract:
Measured sky luminance distribution data are being collected in Singapore as a part of the International Daylight Measurement Programme (IDMP) of the Commision Internationale de lŽEclairage (CIE). These data have been used to evaluate six different sky luminance distribution prediction models developed in recent years. The majority of the models have been shown to work satisfactorily, though they have a tendency to overestimate the sky luminance, especially in the regions of the sky farther away from the sun.

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