Publications in Scientific Journals:

A. Mahdavi, V. Pal:
"Toward an Entropy-based Light Distribution Uniformity Indicator";
Journal of the Illuminating Engineering Society, 28 (1999), 1; 24 - 29.

English abstract:
In this paper we consider the problem of describing the spatial distribution of light as it is relevant to the development of a set of indicators that, despite their single-number format, can provide successively higher levels of critical information. Uniformity indicators have been in use to describe the degree of uniformity of the illuminance or luminance levels for various applications (e.g. architectural lighting, lighting of sports facilities, and roadway lighting). Numerical attributes of these indicators have been used as prescriptive definitions of required (or desireable) degrees of uniformity; simple ("compressed") representations of actual light measurement results; and descriptors of computer simulation output. Here we describe examples from two existing generations of uniformity indicators as space aggregates of visual performance. We then discuss a third generation entropy-based uniformity indicator.

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