Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry):

A. Mahdavi, L. Berberidou-Kallivoka:
"A Generative Simulation Tool for ARchitectural Lighting";
Talk: The Fourth International Conference of the International Building Performance Simulation Association, Madison, Wisconsin; 1995-08-14 - 1995-08-16; in: "Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference of IBPSA", (1995), 395 - 402.

English abstract:
This paper presents the concept of an "open" simulation environment for performance-driven design exploration as a multi-directional approach to computer-aided daylighting modeling. A prototypical realization of a Generative Simulation Tool for Architectural Lighting (GESTALT) for simultaneous treatment of daylighting-related design and performance variables is introduced. GESTALT can operate in an "explicit" mode using a fast-response computational module and in an "implicit" mode using a comprehensive simulator and investigative projetion techniques. Illustrative sequences of design explorations with GESTALT are presented and discussed.

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