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A. Mahdavi, P. Prankprakma, L. Berberidou-Kallivoka:
"On Numeric Indicators of Light Distribution Uniformity";
Talk: The 1995 IESNA Annual Conference, New York; 1995; in: "Proceedings of the 1995 IESNA Annual Conference", (1995), 385 - 394.

English abstract:
Certain indicators have been in use to describe the degree of uniformity of the illuminance or luminance levels for various applications (e.g. architectural lighting, lighting of sport facilities, road lighting). Numerical values for these indicators have been used as prescriptive definitions of required (or desirable) degrees of uniformity as simple ("compressed") representations of actual light measurement results, and as descriptors of computer simulation output. This paper includes a selective review of uniformity-indices, the introduction of a new uniformity factor, and a comparative statistical analysis of the proposed new indicator and two conventional uniformity indices.

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