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A. Mahdavi:
"Acoustical Aspects of the Urban Environment";
Talk: 11th International Making Cities Livable Conference, San Francisco, USA; 1991-11-19 - 1991-11-23.

English abstract:
This contribution adresses the problem of analysis and evaluation of the acoustical aspects of the urban environment. It introduces a human approach, emphasizing the importance of both "energy" and "information" aspects of the "environmental relationships" for an integrative understanding of the acoustical quality of the urban space. Consequently, not only the "technical" aspects of noise control, but also the "psycho-social" aspects of the community´s behavior with regard to acoustical exposure are discussed. It is demonstrated that the perception and evaluation of the acoustical environment depends decisively on the inhabitant´s "internal information processing" and the related parameters of individual (or group) status, experience and intentionality.

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