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E. Panzhauser, A. Fail, A. Mahdavi:
"Adaptive ventilation windows";
Talk: international symposium of CIB W67 (Conseil International du Bâtiment), Rotterdam, The Netherlands; 1990-09-03 - 1990-09-06; in: "Energy, Moisture and Climate in Buildings _ Seminar 2: Strategies for Ventilating and Heating Buildings, contribution 2.11", (1990).

English abstract:
Ventilation windows must be designed and installed in a way that inhabitants can to fullfill their needs for fresh air (triggered by indoor pollution, overheating or personal state of well being) under nearly any outdoor (weather) condition. This can not be maintained with the widely used "tilt & turn" windows because of poor ventilation which causes indoor pollution, surface condensation or excessive ventilation which causes heat loss increasing, high air velocities, etc. This means that "adaptive ventilation windows" are needed which should be specified by product declaration, describing the range of adaptability of effective ventilation for typical design and outdoor conditions.
Experimental data and simulation results on the efficiency of "adaptive ventilation windows" for a variety of indoor, outdoor and design conditions are given.

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