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E. Panzhauser, A. Mahdavi, W. Heindl:
"Boundary Conditions and Surface Condensation";
Talk: international symposium of CIB W67 (Conseil International du Bâtiment), Rotterdam, The Netherlands; 1990-09-03 - 1990-09-06; in: ""Energy, Moisture and Climate in Buildings _ Seminar 3: Surface Condensation and Mould Growth, contribution 3.15.", (1990).

English abstract:
This paper deals specifically with the question of appropriate values of indoor temperature and interior SHTC values needed for the calculation of transmission heat losses and surface temperatures of exterior building elements. Considerations based on a simplified model are presented concerning the influence of radiation exchange (of building components) and thus on the surface temperatures and U-values.
For the calculation of surface temperatures and heat losses as well, the room air temperatures t air turns out to be the appropriate room temperature.

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