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E. Panzhauser, A. Fail, A. Mahdavi, W. Heindl:
"Characteristic Values for Thermal Behavior of Building Components Compared with Respect to Their Practical Usability";
Talk: CIB W76 Energy Conservation in the Built Environment, Rotterdam, The Netherlands; 1990-09-03 - 1990-09-06; in: "Energy, Moisture and Climate in Buildings _ Seminar 3: Surface Condensation and Mould Growth, contribution 3.14", (1990).

English abstract:
The presentation of numerical calculation of thermally characteristic values of 2- or 3-dimensional building components should be done in a general form of conductances i.e. L-values or L'-values (U-values are to be considered as L"-values (area-related conductances)) and temperature-weighting factors g. This would require the least computational effort for practitioners to gain correct values for heat transmission losses or (surface) temperature conditions for a wide range of boundary conditions. The measurement of Rt-values of inhomogeneous layers and the application of these Rt-values for calculations of heat transmission losses require a very carful handling to avoid errors due to the lack of constancy of these Rt-values.

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