Contributions to Proceedings:

K. A. Brunner, A. Mahdavi:
"A Software Architecture for Self-updating Life-cycle Building Models";
in: "Computer Aided Architectural Design - Futures 2005", B. Martens, A. Brown (ed.); issued by: Martens, B., Brown, A.; Springer Verlag, 2005, 423 - 432.

English abstract:
This paper describes a computational infrastructure for the realization of a self-updating building information model conceived in the design phase and carried over to the operation phase of a building. As such, it illustrates how computational representations of buildings, which typically serve design support, documentation, and communication functions, can be transported into the post-construction phase. Toward this end, we formulate a number of requirements for the conception and maintenance of life-cycle building information models. However, we describe the architecture and the prototypical implementation of such a model.

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