Contributions to Proceedings:

A. Mahdavi, B. Spasojevic, K. A. Brunner:
"Elements of a simulation-assisted daylight-responsive illumination systems control in buildings";
in: "Building Simulation 2005, Ninth International IBPSA Conference, August 15-18, Montreal, Canada", I. Beausoleil-Morrison, M. Bernier (ed.); International Conference: IBPSA, 2005, 693 - 699.

English abstract:
This paper presents a simulation-assisted daylight-responsive illumination control system. The controller application in this system can dynamically adjust the position of window blinds and the status of the room luminaires to achieve user-specified performance levels. In its main mode of operation, the control application considers in regular time intervals a set of alternative combinations of the states of control devices (e.g. position of window blinds, dimming levels of luminaires) for an immediate next time step. Subsequently, this set of alternatives is subjected to the lighting simulation, resulting in corresponding performance indicators. These results are then compared and ranked according to the objective function (preferences) set by the users. The controller application then updates the status of the pertinent control device(s) accordingly.

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