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B. Martens, A. Keul (ed.):
"Evaluation for Innovation - Social Design of Sustainable places [Special Issue 18th IAPS Conference Vienna 2004]";
University of Timisoara, Timisoara (Rumänien), 2004, ISSN: 1454-8062; 232 pages.

English abstract:
The publication contains an editorial, a thematic keynote and 23 selected papers from the IAPS 18 conference "Evaluation on Progress" held in July 2004 at the Vienna University of Technology. The publication project is a result of the IAPS "Forum East" - a joint East-West publication that has been realized together with Corina Ilin, The University of the West, Timisoara, Romania, and the Journal of Applied Psychology (Revista de Psihologie Aplicata).

The Special Issue comprises the topics Evaluation with papers on urban greenspaces, pedestrian environments and light preferences, Children with contributions on children-friendly outdoor environments and children's participation in urban space, Housing with articles on low-income housing mental consequences, relocation of the homeless, dwelling privacy, tenants' satisfaction and a government housing report, and Sustainability with works on regional identification and regional food purchase, resident's environmental friendly attitudes, group discussion on the use of toxic household products, implementation of renewable energy, sustainable building design and the values of architects. The special issue also contains four theoretical papers on project presentation, communication spaces, single case-generalization and an analyzing tool for architectural objects.

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