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A. Mahdavi:
"Sentient Buildings: From concept to Implementation";
in: "CAAD Talks 5. Insight of Smart Environments", M.-L. Chiu (ed.); Eigenverlag, Taiwan, 2005, ISBN: 957-0454-66-0, 45 - 66.

English abstract:
Buildings are subject to dynamic changes of different kinds of environmental conditions as well as occupant needs. Recent computing technology and advances in sensing systems have provided novel possibilities to project computationally-based intelligence and sentience onto buildings. This chapter presents the concept of sentient buildings and describes a specific approach to its defined as one that possesses a selfrepresentation (involving the building's context, components, systems, and processes). It can autonomously maintain and actualize this representation and use it to support its own processes (e.g., environmental controls, facilitiy management). A building product model and physical implementation in the testebed at TU Vienna are presented.

Mahdavi Bauphysik und Bauökologie

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