Contributions to Proceedings:

A. Mahdavi, B. Spasojevic:
"Energy-Efficient Lighting Systems Control via Sensing and Simulation";
in: "17th Air -Conditioning and Ventilation Conference 2006 - May 17-19, 2006, Prague, Czech Republic", J. Schwarzer, M. Lain (ed.); Eigenverlag, Prague, Czech Republic, 2006, 205 - 210.

English abstract:
A prototypical implementation of an energy-efficient daylight-responsive lighting systems control in buildings is presented that makes use of real-time sensing and lighting simulation. The controller application in this system considers regularly a number of control options for a future time step, predicts the consequences of these options for the relevant control parameter via multiple simulation runs, evaluates (ranks) the resulting performance indices based on an applicable objective function, and identifies the most desirable control option. This option can be then realized either via direct instruction to the relevant actuator (shading device, dimmer) or communicated to the user as a control action recommendation.

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