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A. Mahdavi, L. Lambeva, C. Pröglhöf, A. Mohammadi, E. Kabir:
"Integration of control-oriented user behavior models in building information systems";
Talk: ECPPM 2006 - ework and ebusiness in Architecture, Engineering and Construction, Spanien, Valencia; 2006; in: "ECPPM 2006 - ework and ebusiness in Architecture, Engineering and Construction", M. Martinez, R. Scherer (ed.); London (2006), ISBN: 0-415-41622-1; 101 - 107.

English abstract:
Comprehensive and continuously actualized building information models can support operations in facility management and indoor environmental control domains. Recent research had lead to the development of advanced models of both building products and building processes. However, the representation of user behavior in such building information systems is still rather rudimentary. In this context, the present paper desribes the scope and available results of a larger effort to capture patterns of user control actions in several office buildings with regard to buildings' technical support systems. Upon the analysis of the collected data, hypothesized relationships were examined between the nature and frequency of the control actions on one side and the magnitude and dynamism of indoor and outdoor environmental changes on the other side. These relationships provide the empirical basis for behavioral models of control-oriented user actions that can be integrated in comprehensive building information models to support facility management and indoor environmental control operations in buildings.

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