Contributions to Proceedings:

K. Brunner, A. Mahdavi:
"Software design for building model servers: Concurrency aspects";
in: "ECPPM 2006 - ework and ebusiness in Architecture, Engineering and Construction", M. Martinez, R. Scherer (ed.); Taylor & Francis, London, 2006, ISBN: 0-415-41622-1, 159 - 164.

English abstract:
This paper describes an essential aspect of an ongoing effort toward sentient buildings. These buildings have an internal, dynamic, self-updating representation of themselves that also acts as unified interface for building control systems. Such building representations are intented to be universal enough to support a wide range of applications, which may include facility management, building performance analyses, and a real-time control. Our thesis is that building model services for this kind of application have unique requirements that set them apart from building model servers used for design collaboration. We have designed, implemented, and evaluated a prototypical model server toward these requirements. An overview of the system archuitecture and preliminary evaluation results were presented in earlier work; this paper focuses on specific cncurrency-related design issues of the model server core and their performance characteristics.

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