Contributions to Proceedings:

A. Mahdavi, S. Dervishi, B. Spasojevic:
"Computational Derivation of incident irradiance on building facades based on measured global horizontal irradiance data";
in: "BauSIM2006 (IBPSA) "Energieeffizienz von Gebäuden und Behaglichkeit in Räumen"", R. Koenigsdorff, C. van Treeck (ed.); Eigenverlag TU München, München, 2006, ISBN: 3-00-019823-7, 123 - 125.

English abstract:
Reliable simulation of buildings' energy performance requires, amongst other things, the availability of detailed information on the magnitudes of incident solar radiation on building facades. In this paper we compare three methods to compute incident vertical irradiance values based on measured global horizontal irradiance values.

Irradiance, Building Facades, Data

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