Contributions to Proceedings:

A. Mahdavi, C. Tsiopoulou, B. Spasojevic:
"Generation of detailed sky luminance maps via calibrated digital imaging";
in: "BauSIM2006 (IBPSA) "Energieeffizienz von Gebäuden und Behaglichkeit in Räumen"", R. Koenigsdorff, C. van Treeck (ed.); Eigenverlag TU München, München, 2006, ISBN: 3-00-019823-7, 135 - 137.

English abstract:
Reliable prediction of daylight availability in indoor environments via computational simulation requires detailed and accurate sky luminance models. Sky luminance mapping via digital imaging can provide an alternative to high-end research-level sky scanners and thus support the provision of information on sky luminance distribution patterns on a more pervasive basis. In this paper, we compare veriously calibrated sky luminance data derived from real-time digital sky images to photometric measurements. Subsequently we compare the application of a digitally derived sky model with other sky models toward the prediciton of illuminance levels in a room.

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