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A. Mahdavi, P. JinGuk, J. Lechleitner:
"Room acoustics conditions in atria: from empirical measurements to numeric predictions";
Talk: 12th Symposium for Building Physics, Dresden, 29th - 31th March 2007, Dresden, Deutschland; 2007-03-29 - 2007-03-31; in: "12th Symposium for Building Physics - 12. Bauklimatisches Symposium, Dresden, 29th - 31th March 2007", P. Häupl, J. Roloff (ed.); Eigenverlag, 2 (2007), ISBN: 978-3-86005-564-9; 689 - 696.

English abstract:
This paper includes the results of empirical measurements in and computational modeling of atria. Five atria with different shapes and configuration of surface elements were considered, representing a wide variety of designs. In each atrium reverbation times and sound distribution patterns were measured. Subsequently, the spaces were computationally modeled in a room acoustics simulation application. The comparison of measurement and simulation results allows not only to identify possible systematic deviations, but also formulate recommendations toward a more relaible use of modeling tools for the acoustical analysis of atria.

room acoustics, atria, measurement, simulation

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