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L Chan, B. Martens (ed.):
"Openness in Digital Publishing: Awareness, Discovery and Access";
ÖKK-Verlag, Wien, 2007, ISBN: 978-954-16-0040-5; 476 pages.

English abstract:
This proceedings contains close to sixty papers on various aspects of electronic publishing that have been successfully submitted for the 11th ELPUB conference, hosted by the Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria. These papers were refereed by an International Programme Committee consisting of 34 highly qualified experts from a wide variety of backgrounds and domains of expertise.
As this year's meeting was dedicated to exploring the various aspects of "Openness in Digital Publishing", most of the papers deal directly or indirectly with issues related to open standards, interoperability, open content, open access, and new business and publishing models enabled by new tools and frameworks.

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