Diploma and Master Theses (authored and supervised):

A. Islami:
"A Systematic Approach to Thermal Adaptation of Detached Single Family Buildings in Kosovo";
Supervisor: A. Mahdavi; Continuig Education Center, 2007; final examination: 2007-07-05.

English abstract:
The research focuses on thermal behaviour of non-insulated single detached family units in the region of Kosovo. The region has experienced a massive construction of illegal housing especially after the conflict of 1999. Such construction resulted in poor thermal behaviour of the houses due to the lack of insulation. The poor thermal behaviour resulted in degradation of thermal comfort for the inhabitants of the houses. This phenomenon occurs due to energy savings to heat the house or more accurately, a specific part of the house. The simulation is based on parametric studies in an hourly basis to compute the thermal behavior of three specific houses. The first simulation is performed on a non-insulated house whereas the other simulations are performed with improved thermal insulation in order to understand the importance of a thermal envelope and its impact in this type of houses. The generated results emphasize the energy savings if thermal envelope is improved in existing houses. Simulation program "TAS" was used to extract figures and numbers related to the cases.The research aims to inform the local population on possibilities for increasing the thermal performances of their houses by improvement of the thermal envelope. It raises the quality of living in their dwellings as well as the quality of the environment, subject to a considerable degradation caused by pollution, generated by the outworn power thermal power plants in Kosovo.

Building performance, Non-insulated house, Thermal comfort, Heating, Parametric calculations

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