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T. Dillinger:
"Theory versus practice - about setting up planning systems";
Talk: AESOP 2005 Conference, Neapel; 07-11-2007 - 07-14-2007; in: "Planning for the Risk Society", (2007), ISBN: 88-7431-369-1; 20.

English abstract:
Theory versus practice - about setting up planning systems

After the civil war in the former Republic of Yugoslavia the planning system more or less broke down. In theory the old planning instruments have been still in power but the political, legal and institutional background was missing, thus the implementation was not quite successful.
The Republic of Serbia had to set up a new planning system applicable to deal with planning problems in a completely changed political environment. In the year 2003 a new "Planning and construction Law" was adopted, but doesn´t work efficiently in practice. A new law for "Spatial and Urban Planning" is already discussed.
Kosovo got an interim civilian administration led by the United Nations (Resolution 1244). The mission performs the whole spectrum of essential administrative function. Regarding the field of spatial planning it became very soon obvious that the whole system has to be "re-invented". A Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, an Institute for Spatial Planning have been established and in the year 2003 a "Spatial Planning" law has been adopted. Beside that, the international community provided know-how and assistance to develop the system of spatial planning. A Kosovo Spatial Plan has been elaborated and the first Municipality and Urban Development Plans have been adopted.
In both cases great affords have been made to set up a new system of spatial planning. The paper explores the gap between theory and practice and investigates the obstacles for implementation.

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