Contributions to Proceedings:

A. Mohammadi, E. Kabir, A. Mahdavi, C. Pröglhöf:
"Modeling User Control Of Lighting And Shading Devices In Office Buildings: An Empirical Case Study";
in: "BS2007 Proceedings of the 10th International Building Performance Simulation Association Conference and Exhibition", B. Zhao, D. Yan, X. Zhou, C. Wang, C. Li, J. Wang, X. Zhou, J. Li, B. Cao, Q. Deng (ed.); Eigenverlag, Beijing, China, 2007, ISBN: 0-9771706-2-4, 7 pages.

English abstract:
Reliable information regarding user presence and
behavior in buildings is crucial for building
performance simulation applications (energy
consumption, indoor environment). In this context,
the present contribution describes an effort to
observe control-oriented occupant behavior in 29
offices of a large high-rise office complex over a
period of one year. The observations regarding
control behavior tendencies suggest relationships to
both indoor environmental conditions and outdoor
environment parameters.

Building performance simulation, building control

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